The First Data Catalog Designed for Collaboration

The First Data Catalog Designed for Collaboration

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Enterprise Data Marketplace: Delivering Data as a Service

Do you remember the single source of the truth? The promise was not often realized, and when realized, was never quite enough.

The enterprise data warehouse (EDW) views data as a thing to be stored, processed, and managed by technology organizations. We must think about data in a different way – data as a service.

The enterprise data marketplace (EDM) weaves data into the fabric of the business a shift from inert to organic. It delivers data services presented through a “storefront” interface where data consumers can shop to find best-fit data for their needs – an architectural shift from the EDW to EDM.

As your data infrastructure grows and changes, your self-service analytics users and data management professionals must also adapt. New skills in curation and cataloging are needed to maintain a living inventory of data assets. Ensuring that assets are easily findable and understandable means embracing best practices for curation and cataloging that enable self-service data browsing, searching, evaluating, and accessing. Organizations that embrace changes in people and process to compliment data cataloging technology achieve the full promise of democratized data analytics.

Curating and Cataloging Data: Managing Data in a Self-Service World


Align your team with technology for enterprise-wide data catalog success 

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In partnership with the Eckerson Group, Alation ensures you’re ready for enterprise-wide adoption.

Managing Data for Modern Analytics: Rethinking Data Governance


Traditional data governance focuses on enforcement of controls and gates, which will continue to be necessary. However, these methods must be complemented with support for the agility of the self-service world. 

Enforcement works together with prevention. Guides and guardrails reduce the need for gating. The need to exercise controls is minimized when curating, coaching, and crowdsourcing. In the modern analytics world, every data stakeholder plays a part in data governance.

Our customers are transforming how data and analytics are used in their organizations. In addition to focusing on technology adoption, successful Alation customers use their data cataloging initiatives to improve the people skills and processes involved in data management and self-service analytics.

Alation Accelerate focuses on delivering training for data and analytics leaders rolling out data catalog initiatives. These courses offer guidance on how to ensure successful enterprise-wide adoption of a data catalog. Topics include criteria and change management for evaluating new responsibilities, skills and processes for data curation and cataloging.

Instructor-led training with Dave Wells of Eckerson Group

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