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Analytics Stewards

Unlock business value with data governance

Empower analytics stewards to unlock business value from data governance.

Your Governance Heroes: Analytics Stewards

Despite their best efforts, organizations are failing to realize the full benefits of their data governance programs. They are struggling to limit risk and drive business value.

Enterprises are increasingly recognizing the important role that stewards play in successful governance. Stewards help close the gap between policy definition and policy adherence. Technology solutions have largely failed to address the critical needs of these stewards.

Alation has brought technology and professional services together, to help the true heroes of analytics governance programs – analytics stewards. These heroes are empowered to bring value to the organization, by driving more consistent and accurate insights while reducing risk through compliant and trustworthy analytics.

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Growth of Data Outpaces Stewardship Resources

A System for the Analytics Steward

Stewardship resources are limited and stewards struggle to keep up. With Alation’s Analytics Stewardship application, stewards are given a way to manage all their work with the help of machine learning automation.

Even better, governance policies and guidelines are surfaced directly to the analyst in their natural workflow. In real-time, analysts are prompted to use best practices and are warned when their analysis may lead to non-compliant or inaccurate insights.

Scale Stewardship Resources

Stewards are struggling to keep up with the growing volume of data in the enterprise.

By showing which data they should document first, Alation supports a more agile approach to stewardship that helps stewards prioritize their efforts.

Connect Policy to Action in Workflow

Data policies are often disconnected from how data is used, making it impossible to govern and guide analytics.

Alation provides stewards with one place where they can guide accurate analytics and apply policies. Stewards can view questions and approvals through Alation’s Inbox and they can see what’s changed in the Catalog Activity Report. By exposing policies directly within the analyst’s workflow with Compose and TrustCheck, Alation empowers stewards to ensure accurate, compliant analytics.

See Measurable Impact

Stewards often have difficulty seeing the impact of their work. As a result, engagement from stewards suffers and enterprises fail to reach the full potential of their governance and analytics programs.

With Alation TrustCheck, stewards know that their recommendations are being seen. Alation surfaces policies directly within the analyst’s workflow as the data is being used. In addition, Curation Progress clearly indicates how well data objects have been curated, providing stewards with the direct feedback they need to be successful.

Get Guided Help

For many enterprises, Analytics Stewardship is a new concept and getting the process flow right between various stakeholders is challenging.

With the Analytics Stewardship Accelerator, Alation experts will help guide your organization through the stewardship process – from getting the program started to identifying stewards and implementing best practices.

Alation Helps Analytics Stewards

Document Data Context

Leverage a combination of machine learning & crowdsourcing to speed up documentation by up to 50%

Spread Knowledge

Ensure that accurate knowledge about data is available to the right person at the right point in time

Incent Behavioral Change

Make data policies visible through timely & salient interventions that are in-line with analyst workflow