Every organization has more than one business intelligence or analytics tool in-house. Despite years of effort to consolidate data into a “single source” and BI tools into an “enterprise standard”, diversity is the reality of today’s self-service analytics environment. Are you going to continue to fight it, or embrace it?

“Over the last year, Forrester clients began expressing concerns that Agile BI applications were multiplying like rabbits and proliferating “shadow IT” environments. Except now these shadow IT apps are not based on spreadsheets but on a new breed of Agile BI tools.” – Divide (BI Governance From Data Governance) and Conquer, Forrester, January 4, 2017

Today’s analytics teams are embracing diversity in the self-service data environment and adopting data catalogs as a technical solution to ensure the accuracy of insights and shared data assets. BI Governance is becoming as important to success as data governance. Join guest speaker Boris Evelson and Alation for this webinar to learn how:

  • Analysts see productivity gains with BI Governance
  • Trust and agility can be achieved in self-service analytics
  • Data catalogs contribute to BI Governance

You’ll also see a demo by Alation of its data catalog for self-service analysis across Tableau and MicroStrategy.