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How is data used in your organization?

Marcin Cinciala – Senior BI Engineer: Allegro is one of the leading technology-driven e-commerce companies in Europe. With 125 thousand merchants and 17 million clients visiting our marketplace each month we have a lot of complex data that we analyze on a day-to-day basis. We support analysts throughout 20 business units including logistics, payments, and pricing. Our goal is to create the best possible experience for both customers and vendors. Data helps us do that. We use analytics to understand our customers and improve the kinds of recommendations we offer to them. Data also drives the kinds of promotional programs we offer to vendors. We are constantly trying to improve the offers to customers. 

What are your key data initiatives and projects?

Marcin: The move to self-service analytics and collaboration is important for our company. We have about 20,000 tables in various sources. My team is part of the data engineering and governance team, and we are responsible for deduplicating data, producing data, creating aggregates, and maintaining reporting tools such as Tableau, Alation, SPSS, plus we own a few processes around data governance.  We are now currently going through a large effort to move our analytics into BigQuery and Google Cloud to extend the things we already have working around user profiling and user analytics.

How does Alation help with your data initiatives?

Marcin:  Alation gives us a single client to access all the data and a database of all the queries that have been written by other people.  We have such a diverse data ecosystem, so having one application that can connect to Oracle, Hive, Presto and BigQuery, is a huge benefit. If you don’t make your analysts jump from one client application to another to query data, your analysis is faster and more convenient. One of the biggest advantages has been the ability to look up a query someone else has written and reuse it as well as enabling analysts to look up queries they wrote weeks ago, but forgot to save. Another big advantage is, the onboarding process of an analyst goes much smoother and faster by using Alation. Alation enables you to find the right data immediately and learn how it is used within our company.

Allegro + Alation:

At Allegro, Alation has been able to:

  • Speed time to insights across 20 business units by having a single source of reference
  • Decrease onboarding times for new analysts
  • Create a more collaborative environment by allowing analysts to access and reuse other colleague’s queries
  • Save analysts’ time by providing single client access for querying disparate data sources
We have such a diverse data ecosystem, so having one application that can connect to Oracle, Hive, Presto and BigQuery, is a huge benefit. Marcin Cinciala, Senior BI Engineer


Industry: eCommerceData Environment:

  • Oracle
  • Hive
  • Presto
  • Google BigQuery