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Case Study


What’s the data environment like at Scout24?

Markus Schmidberger, Head of Data Engineering: We have 700 active MicroStrategy users, and 50 percent of the company performing self-service analysis. Over the next two-to-three years, we will be moving entirely to the cloud and AWS. All of our data will be moved to a data lake and cloud-based Hadoop clusters.

What are your current data initiatives and projects?

Markus: At Scout24, we have four core values — to be agile, to be winning, to work as one team and to be data-driven. We want everyone to be able to analyze any type of data by themselves, whether they’re researching information about our listings or a new feature.

On top of that, we are one of the few European companies making a full transition to the cloud. There are only low technology barriers to moving to the cloud. The real challenge is changing our culture and creating the right motivation to adopt an environment where anyone can spin up their own Hadoop cluster and is responsible for his own analyses.

Scout24 + Alation

At Scout24, Alation has been able to

  • Empower more people to start analyzing data, supporting our core value to be data-driven
  • Provide one consistent interface for discovering data and improving queries
  • Make it easy to find the context of the data, enabling people to identify which table they should use for their analysis and how they should use it.
  • Enable collaboration between the people working across Scout24’s brands: AutoScout24, FinanceScout24, ImmobilienScout24, and Scout24 Consumer Services
  • Help facilitate the cultural change necessary for the move to the cloud and data lake

How has Alation helped Scout24 continue to be data-driven?

Markus: We want all our employees to be able to do analysis, and a key building block was missing. It was difficult for people to know which table was right for the analysis at hand, how to use it or how to join it with other data to make it useful. And, promoting collaboration across our segments and verticals is a priority for helping to drive the business.

Alation provides the communication hub for the knowledge around data, providing valuable documentation on data, queries and even the columns within tables. Alation has also helped us become more data-driven, sometimes in surprising ways. By making it easier to find and understand data, more people are doing data analysis. And, Alation fits in well as a means for promoting the cultural change necessary for our move to the cloud.

Being data-driven is a core value at Scout24 AG, and we strive to enable everyone to be able to analyze data. The Alation Data Catalog provides the communication hub for all of our knowledge around data from valuable documentation on data and queries to specifics on columns and usage. Markus Schmidberger, Head of Data Engineering


Industry: Technology

Data Environment:

  • AWS
  • S3
  • Presto
  • MicroStrategy