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Data Analysts

Find, understand, and trust data

Overcome the challenge of data complexity to drive analyst productivity with a data catalog.

Query with enterprise data knowledge

Today data consumers struggle with finding, understanding and trusting the right data, the best query, or even a correct report. Tribal knowledge is no way to navigate your way through critical decisions. Finding the right data to perform analysis shouldn’t require secret incantations. Tapping into subject matter expert knowledge shouldn’t require hours of meetings. A Data Catalog ensures that in a world of increasing data complexity, you can:

  • Find your data no matter where it is stored
  • Understand the business context that affects your query
  • Collaborate easily & asynchronously with data experts

Learn How

What’s Holding You Back?

How a Data Catalog Helps

Analyzing data is logic. Finding & understanding data is an art.

You can get lost in today’s sea of data. It often seems like a game of 20 questions to validate that the table or file you’re looking at is the right one. What attributes are important? How can I accurately transform this column? Who is the expert I can ask?

75% of our time is going to the 75% of the work that we hate – wrangling data and slinging queries. Yet, if the syntax is right but the data is wrong, your insight is worthless.

Data catalogs make understanding the data easier.

Data Search & Discovery

Ironically, the more data you collect, the harder it is to find the data you need.

You shouldn’t have to know every last acronym, abbreviation, and quirk of your data to get last month’s sales report. Your enterprise is flooded with data and documentation, not to mention smart people. But because your data is so complex, it takes too much time to get an answer.

Find the needle in your data haystack.

SmartSuggestions in Compose

Leverage just-in-time knowledge. Become a data hero.

Go from zero to hero in 30 seconds or less. As you write SQL, Alation auto-suggests relevant data & syntax based on the observations of the best analysis performed in your organization. Leverage the power of the crowd to pick SQL snippets (e.g., filters or join conditions) using keywords or accept Alation’s SmartSuggestions. It’s the most helpful tool you’ve ever used for writing SQL.

Increase your analytic productivity 20-50%.

Collaborative Analytics

When you can’t find the answer, Converse.

No more emailing CSV files and SQL code. Share queries and results using web links. Or use query search to discover colleagues’ queries with ease. Comment, annotate & converse inline with project-tracking articles. Just type ‘@’ to insert a live link to a query—it will be beautifully formatted and always reflect the latest updates. Come back to execute it with a click, or branch off in another direction.

Make collaboration a seamless part of the discovery of insights.

Alation Helps Data Consumers

Work Better Together

Everyone in the organization from data novices to experts access knowledge from one trustworthy source

Use Data with Confidence

Share insights that are always relevant, up-to-date, accurate & easy-to-reference across the entire organization

Improve Productivity

Reduce the time needed to onboard new analysts, document data, & write complex SQL