Demand for data catalogs is soaring as organizations struggle to inventory distributed data assets to facilitate data monetization and conform to regulations.*

Alation’s Data Culture Maturity Assessment has been developed to enable organizations to understand how mature their data culture is. It focuses on four key areas: Data Search & Discovery, Data Governance, Data Literacy, and Data Leadership. 

We believe these tenets are the cornerstones of a thriving data culture. Explore your organization's maturity journey and take the assessment today!

Discover the Depth of Your Data Culture Maturity

How Can Organizations Measure the Value of Data Culture Maturity?



The Data Culture Maturity Assessment

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The assessment will walk you through Alation's Data Culture Maturity Model, and ask you to answer a series of questions about your organization. At the end, you will receive a report with tailored recommendations for improvement.

Why you should take the assessment...

Determine what the next priorities are to move the organization forward. You can then reassess in a certain amount of time and see how much you’ve moved the needle.

Have clearer and more tangible discussions with leadership about your organization's strengths and weaknesses that will help to develop an understanding of the current data landscape and make investment decisions.

Enable prioritization of your data program

Get recommendations for improvement

Communication of position to leadership

Take assessment