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Case Study


What’s the data environment like at MarketShare?

Satya Ramachandran (SVP of Engineering): We just made a transition from Amazon Redshift to a Hadoop distribution from Alation’s partner, Altiscale. Here at MarketShare, we send data to our clients to help them optimize marketing decisions so an important part of sending the data is telling a complete story around it – which means we need to know all assumptions and describe how we came to our conclusions.

What are your current data initiatives and projects?

Satya: We create ‘data stories’ to empower our clients to be successful with our data. Our data analysts here at MarketShare are an integral part in delivering data and stories to our clients. I am constantly looking to increase analyst productivity and collaboration so that our clients get reliable data and a strong, context-filled story underlying that data.

MarketShare + Alation

Alation contributed to the bottom line by providing a great user experience with power features in the query tool. Alation was able to

  • increase productivity with analysts reporting 50% time savings compared to previously working in text files, command line, and Linux
  • decrease analyst on-boarding time because of query tool power features, learning from shared queries, and data dictionary entries
  • increase collaboration because of query sharing and articles, allowing team members to learn about best practices and what others are doing

How has Alation helped MarketShare continue to be data-driven?

Satya: Alation allows our analysts to be comfortable using SQL to query across databases without having to learn new tools or use separate interfaces for each one. We’ve increased sharing of queries and can easily explore our data.

By using Alation, our analysts are realizing 50 percent or more in time savings for composing, sharing and learning queries. What’s especially valuable is that Alation permits easy data exploration and helps us create ‘data stories’ for MarketShare clients. That’s important because we don’t just toss reports at our clients, we deliver the complete story and context surrounding the data and results, showing the assumptions we made and how we came to our conclusions. Satya Ramachandran, SVP Engineering and Managing Director


Industry: Technology


  • 10+ analysts
  • 100+ tables in Hive