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Data Governance with Alation and Snowflake

See how data governance is put into practice with an 8-step walkthrough, using an insurance company’s acquisition as an example. Download your complimentary copy today!

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How to enable governance with a Snowflake data warehouse

Got insights? A self-service analytics environment can power cutting-edge insights… if launched correctly. But an ever-shifting landscape presents challenges. What of changing regulations? What of cloud migration? How can folks trust data when all is in flux? 

By carving out a stable system. Data governance creates trust in analysis. But defining that system takes work. This white paper from Alation and Snowflake offers an 8-step methodology for launching data governance in an enterprise. 

Download this guide to learn: 

  • An actionable pattern for enabling data governance with Alation and a Snowflake warehouse 
  • How to enlist, recruit, and train your community 
  • Who benefits, including data stewards, analysts, business users, and stakeholders 
  • How these steps are made actionable, with a real-world example from an insurance company 

Data governance is your key to unlocking business value. Get your complimentary copy of this integration guide today.