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BARC Study Explores the Challenges to Becoming a Data-Driven Enterprise

This deep dive study from Business Application Research Center (BARC) delves into the barriers to becoming data driven. Read it now!

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Only 25% of respondents are able to support data-driven decision making

This study from Business Application Research Center (BARC) delves into the barriers to becoming data driven, including a lack of information and documentation on data, insight into who is using what data and for what purpose, and inconsistent meanings and interpretations of data as blockers.  

The report explores how to overcome these obstacles and foster a data culture that empowers the business users by leveraging a data catalog to drive active contribution and collaboration from business users. ”  

In this report, you will learn:  

  • How to maintain a successful data catalog with the input of business users  
  • Why
  • requires a new deal on how data is handled across the enterprise  
  • Why architecture and technology play an important role in the transition to a data-driven enterprise 
  • Why a data-driven enterprise requires a fundamental cultural change driven by the executive level 

Download the full report now to uncover the latest findings on the strategic checklist needed to create a data-driven enterprise.