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How a Leading Engineering Company Gains Greater ROI from its Data Lake with the Alation Data Catalog

GigaOm’s William McKnight in his new case study goes behind the scenes at a Fortune 50 driving greater ROI from its data lake with Alation Data Catalog. Download the case study here.

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Transforming an underutilized data lake into a resource that drives growth and innovation 

GigaOm analyst William McKnight has a knack for getting behind the scenes at innovative enterprises and learning about what makes them tick. In his latest case study, McKnight takes a deep look at a Fortune 50 engineering company that had to grapple with a huge data lake and few internal users. As part of the effort to increase usage of the data lake and move towards a self-service model, the company leveraged the Alation Data Catalog to remove the complexity that made the data lake inaccessible.  

“Alation is an excellent platform for data catalogs, interactive governance and knowledge management. It serves to socialize a level of analysis logic and metadata enterprise-wide, such as analytics calculations and the best source of product data. Data catalogs have become an essential aspect of a mature data environment.””  

Download the case study to learn how this engineering market leader built an enthused, engaged internal community to drive self-service, freed up the IT function from many routine tasks, and empowered users in order to create greater ROI.