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2021 Dresner Wisdom of Crowds Data Catalog Market Study

The 2021 Wisdom of Crowds® Data Catalog Market Study focuses on the requirements for creating, governing and locating relevant content for analysis within business intelligence solutions. Read it now!

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Key insights into the BI vendor landscape

A mountain of data looms high. How do you conquer it? Business Intelligence (BI) software can transform data into value. Yet there are countless ways to leverage BI, and business leaders face many challenges.

Chief among them is the struggle to support analytic consumers. Dresner finds that 53% of analysts have difficulty locating and accessing relevant data. And findability is a bellwether for success; the harder it is for BI users to access useful content, the higher the likelihood that BI initiatives will fail. 

Prepare your BI strategy for success with a holistic view of this shifting landscape. Download this Wisdom of Crowds Market Study from Howard Dresner Advisory Services to learn: 

  • Which analytic governance features are most desirable to data leaders
  • The top sectors that show growing interest in the catalog, including financial services
  • The most in-demand collaboration features, like search, annotate and share navigation
  • Which data catalogs are ranked the highest by those who use them