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Hulu: Driving Data Trust and Accessibility with Alation’s Data Catalog

Hulu is a live & on-demand video subscription service that deals with billions of rows of data every hour. All of that data — on everything from viewership to content and engagement — is vital to the strength of the service and the viewer’s experience. To create the most value from that data, Hulu is leveraging Alation’s data catalog to build the foundation for accessibility and trust that makes so much more possible including collaboration, data stewardship, and data democratization

Hear from Gregg Rinsler, senior manager of data governance and data & analytics at Hulu, to learn how one of the most popular streaming services in the US leverages Alation’s data catalog to gain a holistic view of its data that is now driving more than 20 value-driving analytics use cases. 

Access this on-demand webinar on developing a connected data strategy.