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How Vista Weaves a Powerful Data Mesh with Alation and AWS

Learn how Vista uses Alation and AWS to empower more than 300 data users with 120 data products across a data mesh architecture.

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“Vista created 30 data product teams with 300 employees who own 120 data products.”

Who is reaping the benefits of a data mesh – and what can they teach us?

Vista is a design and packaging company boasting 15 million global customers and a team of 6,500. In this white paper, leaders from their Data & Analytics team reveal how they’ve used Alation and AWS to create a data-centric culture with data mesh.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • How the DnA team removed data bottlenecks with a data product approach
  • The four reasons for their data mesh success, including a strong foundation and interoperability
  • How the team has accelerated dashboard creation to support better data-driven decisions

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