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A Data-Driven Approach to Your Cloud Migration Journey

In this joint research by Alation and Teradata, explore the pitfalls of the cloud-migration journey and advises best practices for ensuring success. Read it now!

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Cloud migration is risky. What data assets do you migrate? What do you leave behind? And how do you ensure all goes smoothly? With so much to consider, it can be overwhelming. Deep breaths: this guide has all you need to make your cloud migration a success. 

Ensure success by prepping for the worst – but planning for the best. In this Teradata research report, data-management expert Dr. Claudia Imhoff argues, “there is a high likelihood that the migration will disrupt or destroy processes, activities, or analyses that worked on-premises.” Luckily, you can take steps to make your cloud migration a success. 

Download the report to learn how to: 

  • Build a three-pronged strategy to understand how data/cloud deployments will aid the business 
  • Analyze the impact of moving data to the cloud 
  • Understand what data should be moved (via impact analysis) 
  • Implement an active data catalog to support your data strategy 

Lead your organization’s cloud migration with confidence. Get your complimentary copy of this research report today.