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Alation + Salesforce Einstein Analytics White Paper

Learn how Salesforce is bringing the collaborative power of Alation's Data Catalog to Einstein, allowing users to run faster queries in a transparent analytics environment.

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If you’re a Salesforce Einstein Analytics customer, the calculations that describe the state of your business likely already exist — in hundreds of dashboards and thousands of reports. The challenge is one of transparency. Who built those reports? What were they trying to achieve? Is this calculation of revenue an accurate definition for our new decision? Why does this report use a non-standard definition of region? In organizations where more and more people are using data, the nuances of business semantics must become more widely distributed knowledge.

Alation has partnered with Salesforce to bring the collaborative power of data cataloging to users with the integration of Einstein Analytics and the Alation Data Catalog.

Download the whitepaper to read more about how these two products together bring consistency, transparency, and collaboration to your analytics environment.