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Alation is a Proud Sponsor of Snowflake Data Cloud World Tour ❄️ 🌎

Meet Alation on the Snowflake Data Cloud World Tour 2022! ❄️ 👋 Finding and making use of your data in the #DataCloud can be time consuming and slow your progress to deliver data driven answers. Alation is changing that. Users see quality flags, policies, and warnings as they use and analyze data. By weaving #DataGovernance into workflows, we empower everyone to find trusted data and use it wisely. With Alation, governance is more than an external checkbox -- it's your path to powerful #DataDriven insights. And when you use Alation with Snowflake, active governance creates a treasure map to your most trusted, valuable data 🗺 See for yourself why Alation is the #1 Data Governance solution for the Data Cloud and been named 2x Data Governance Partner of the Year (2021/2022), and visit us at the Snowflake Data Cloud World Tour! We'll be onsite at the following World Tour destinations: 🌎 Sydney (9/27) 🌎 New York City (9/28) 🌎 London (10/11) 🌎 Melbourne (10/11) 🌎 Chicago (10/13) 🌎 Auckland (10/15) 🌎 Stockholm (10/20) 🌎 Dubai (10/25) 🌎 Austin (10/27) 🌎 Toronto (11/1) 🌎 San Francisco (11/7) Learn more: