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Asking the Right Questions with Frank Farrall of Deloitte | Data Radicals Podcast

Generative AI is so new — and there are so many ways to leverage it and misuse it — that it can feel like you’ll need a separate AI to figure it all out. Fortunately, Frank Farrall, who leads data and AI alliances at Deloitte, is here to tell you about the decisions, variables, and risks that companies need to consider before they invest in AI. Tune in to this episode of the #dataradicals podcast! Data Radicals is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Simplecast, Spotify, and most podcast apps and services. 🎧 Listen on Alation.com: https://www.alation.com/podcast/episodes/asking-the-right-questions-frank-farrall-deloitte/