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From Centralized to Distributed – Thermo Fisher’s Data Mesh Strategy

The path from raw data to insights begins with a decision. Organizations must realize there is value in their data and commit to the journey if they're to learn from it, use it, and share the vast capabilities. So how can data leaders widen access... without the risk?

First, they must tackle IT bottlenecks and siloed systems. Second, they need to launch a system that delivers data to those who need it. Yet opening data access to the masses can lead to a “wild west” data landscape, with predictable governance problems.

Thermo Fisher has taken a “middle way." Using data mesh, built on AWS technology and supported by the Alation Data Catalog, the team is moving from slow, centralized systems, to distributed with a federated governance approach. Watch this replay to learn how AWS and Alation can deliver risk-free access and speed up your data mesh journey.