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Data Intelligence + Human Brilliance: Transform Data Culture w Alation Data Catalog | DIS Stockholm

The data catalog is emerging as the best platform for data intelligence - and Alation is the only platform that adds people to the equation. Our enterprise data catalog dramatically improves the productivity of analysts, increases the accuracy of analytics, and drives confident data-driven decision making while empowering everyone in your organization to find, understand, and govern data. Tom Codling, EMEA Sales Engineering Manager, Alation, shows audiences how the Alation Data Catalog can help your company to: ⭐️ Drive productivity with behavioral intelligence ⭐️ Spur better decision-making through seamless collaboration ⭐️ Promote confident analytics with guided navigation ⭐️ Govern data with an active, business-led approach ⭐️ Streamline analytics with broad, deep connectivity