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Emerging from the Data Dark Ages with Jennifer Belissent, Principal Data Strategist, Snowflake

You may not realize it, but data literacy is an issue that affects everyone. From the mom-and-pop shop around the corner to the Fortune 500 C-suite, everyone has skin in the game. Yet, how to teach data literacy is still not widely understood or prioritized by data leaders. That needs to change, and the first step is listening to today’s episode. In this episode of the Data Radicals podcast, we’re talking with Jennifer Belissent, Principal Data Strategist at Snowflake, about tackling data literacy. She shares how data literacy impacts everything from smart cities, to your local grocery store, to your corner office. Tune in to learn how you can use data literacy to build your own data culture, have a lens into your customers behavior, increase productivity, and much more. Listen to the full episode with the links below! 🎧 Data Radicals website: 🎧 Spotify: 🎧 Apple Podcasts: #DataRadicals #Podcasts #DataPodcasts #ListenNow #Alation #DataCulture #SatyenSangani #DataIntelligence #Analytics #DataDriven #DataCatalog #DataGovernance