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The Data on the Chief of Data with Randy Bean of NewVantage Partners | Data Radicals Podcast

The role of CDO is constantly evolving, and #DataRadicals need to stay ahead of the curve. Today's guest gives us the inside scoop on how to do just that. Randy Bean is the founder and CEO of NewVantage Partners and author of Fail Fast, Learn Faster: Lessons in Data-Driven Leadership in an Age of Disruption, #BigData, and #AI. In this interview, he and Satyen discuss the adoption of the chief data officer role, the challenges of creating a #DataCulture, and the importance of soft skills for CDOs. Data Radicals is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Simplecast, Spotify, and most podcast apps and services. Listen to the full episode with the links below! 🎧 Episode Website: 🎧 Listen on Apple Podcasts: 🎧 Listen on Spotify: