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Your Path to CDO Superstardom with Peter Jackson of Carruthers and Jackson | Data Radicals Podcast

In this episode of the #DataRadicals podcast by #Alation, Peter Jackson, Co-Founder and Director of Caruthers and Jackson, discusses how the average #CDO only lasts 18 months in their position, and shares his advice on how to up your odds of passing that 18-month mark with flying colors. He discusses why CDOs are key players in a company’s future, and offers tips for navigating vendor relationships, building up #dataliteracy in your organization, and much more. Data Radicals is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Simplecast, Spotify, and most podcast apps and services. Listen to the full episode with the links below! 🎧 Listen on Apple Podcasts: 🎧 Listen on Spotify: 🎧 Episode Website: