Why are Businesses Choosing Alation over Collibra?

Data governance that works — Avoid the pitfalls and failure of command-and-control style data governance.

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Choice — Deploy on-premises or in any cloud - we never force you to choose.

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Turn Your Data into Business Innovation

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Data is powerful. But using it effectively is difficult .Alation empowers everyone to use data quickly and confidently. 

Time spent looking for data

Low adoption rate

The Others

Creating endless data silos

A traditional catalog that simply lists your data assets

A more collaborative and connected workplace

More time spent on leveraging data

Relevant data assets suggested based on user behavior, query logs, and other contextual data

Broad adoption and utilization through improved visibility, governance, and collaboration


Get back to doing what really matters

Drive productivity and realize business value





Savings from faster discovery

Present value improvement

Work days saved per year

Time savings to find data

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Turn Your Data into Business Innovation

Data is powerful. But using it effectively is difficult .Alation empowers everyone to use data quickly and confidently. 

Drive productivity and realize business value

A Complete Solution for the Modern Enterprise

We brought the industry's first data catalog to market — and it's evolved into a widely adopted data intelligence platform that delivers tangible results.

Accelerate time to insight

Advanced AI capabilities make Alation the most intelligent data catalog on the market. Powered by the Behavioral Analysis Engine, Alation surfaces insight details like popularity, search relevancy, usage recommendations, and more — guiding users to the best use of data.

Spur collaboration and eliminate data silos

Build a shared data language. Centralize your data's context, rules, policies, definitions, and relationships in a single source of reference. Build trust in data while improving accuracy of analytics and analyst productivity.

People-first active data governance

Alation's data governance methodology was created to close the gap between guidelines, policies, and the way that data is actually being used. The goal is to deliver an iterative process of continuous management and improvement meanwhile empowering people — not punishing them.

Your entire data ecosystem, all in one place

To be able to effectively guide analytics work, spur collaboration, and encourage active data governance, data catalog software must connect to many different data sources.  Alation has 100+ connectors for a wide variety of data sources. Develop connectors to less common sources with our Open Connector SDK.

Start doing more with your data

More than 35% of all Fortune 100 companies have embraced Alation as a central hub for data-driven innovation. See how we can help you build a thriving data culture and measure business impact.

"It's just stunning how easy it's been to stand up Alation, get it customized, get data sources connected and get people interested in using it." — Liz R, G2Crowd Review

Leader with The Highest Possible Scores in 12 Criteria

Alation was named a Leader in The Forrester Wave: Data Governance Solutions, Q3 2023 achieving the highest possible scores in 12 criteria including Data Catalog, Data Governance Management, Data Discovery, Stewardship Roles and Responsibilities, Vision, and Adoption.

Alation's offering differentiates itself by blending strong technical skills in the field of machine learning (ML) and intelligent asset classification capabilities with an obsessive focus on collaboration tools and data valuation models.

Raluca Alexandru, Analyst at Forrester

Driving Data-Innovation for 500+ Enterprises Worldwide

Driving Data-Innovation for 500+ Enterprises Worldwide