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GDPR Compliance Software & Risk Mitigation

Put the Data Subjects Front and Center


Alation provides a sustainable approach to GDPR compliance by helping to build a privacy-aware data culture. The Alation platform brings full visibility into personal data, automatically classifies data assets, facilitates management and mitigation of data risks, and effectively communicates policies to front-line users.

Accelerate GDPR Compliance Readiness and Response


Accelerate fulfillment of data requests by enabling quick and accurate discovery of personal data, enriched with human and machine-generated context.


Foster a privacy-aware data culture that makes protecting personal data everyone’s responsibility by actively engaging line-of-business stakeholders, empowering them to make risk-aware decisions.


Jump-start GDPR compliance efforts by automatically cataloging and classifying enterprise data assets — saving time and reducing the cost associated with unagile, ineffective approaches.


Reinforce GDPR compliance efforts by providing an aggregated view of documentation comprising underlying policies, processes, behavior insights, and data usage patterns.

Bring visibility and context to personal data

Alation’s enterprise data catalog enables organizations to actively catalog all enterprise data assets, contextualized with relevant and searchable metadata. Alation brings full visibility into data and its lifecycle, enabling faster discovery and retrieval of data to satisfy data requests from subjects in a timely manner.

Automate classification and tagging of data assets

The Alation platform automatically classifies and tags data assets at scale. Alation accelerates documentation through collaboration and crowdsourcing, enabling rapid response to GDPR compliance requests and systematic assessment and documentation of level of privacy and risk.

Report data risks for GDPR

Report data risks and documentation KPIs

Alation’s data catalog actively tracks changes in the data environments, including data lineage, behavioral insights, and usage patterns that enable proactive auditing, impact assessments, reporting, and management of data risks. The Alation platform delivers dashboards and analytics for tracking documentation progress and informing overarching action and resource-allocation.

Communicate data policies to the front line

Alation actively communicates privacy policies, such as GDPR, CCPA, to front-line users directly within their workflows through flags, alerts, and conversations. Alation ensures that personal data is processed only when necessary for each specific purpose as required by GDPR compliance.

Extend via integration with existing capabilities

The Alation Platform provides robust APIs that allow enterprises to integrate existing metadata, like documentation, business glossaries, data lineage, data quality metrics from other tools, and to export policies and metadata from Alation — enabling a holistic approach to meeting the ongoing demands of GDPR compliance requirements.

If you want to protect your data for GDPR it starts with understanding what data you have and having an efficient inventory of data.

Crisian Varela
Director of Enterprise Data Architecture, Aon

Simply put, catalogs are indispensable tools in support of regulatory compliance and data-driven decision-making.

Andrew Brust
Research Director, GigaOm