Data Steward
Curate the wisdom of your organization for insights

Documenting, cleaning & governing data can be challenging under an avalanche of proliferating data sources.


Analysts Are Often Your Best Stewards

The individuals that work with your data on a daily basis are often your best subject matter experts. How can you simplify the process of sharing their nuanced understanding with every user? Leverage an application that socializes data curation.

Technology can lower the cost barrier to documenting your data. Alation leverages familiar features from the consumer web to incent analyst participation. We improve the:

  • Documentation of business glossary terms
  • Communication of data governance policies
  • Certification of data assets
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Answer the Questions Before Queries

A System for the Steward

You have so much data in so many different places. And it is growing at an increasing rate. Not surprising that it is hard for your data stewards to keep up.

There are so many terms and tables to document, it is difficult to know where to start. Or how you’ll ever finish. You’d love to be able to prioritize your work, get more done, and do less busy work.

Let Alation provide an automated foundation for your information stewardship program.

Social Curation

Changing Information Stewardship

Once reading a newspaper required an expert curator. But times have changed. Modern curation is driven by social engagement.

Think Facebook. Or Twitter. Or Pinterest. Each like, retweet, and image board provides a trail of community relevance. Over time, crowdsourced commentary uncovers trends and identifies hotspots of interest to anyone outside of the community.

These modern techniques of curation are just as relevant to data as they are to our social lives.

Social data curators browse, contextualize, share & update.


Behavior I/O Creates The Repository

A data catalog ensures that through all of the hypothesis testing and SQL wrangling you always have a trail. The logic can be reproduced. The lineage can be shared. The detailed trade-offs can be understood. A system that observes behaviors can then document those behaviors.

We’ve designed Alation for collaborative & agile analysis – from the start. The query editor is no longer a siloed entry point. It operates in a new prescient way. The data structures it accesses are already known. Proactive recommendations are made when intervention is necessary. Documentation is captured as SQL is written. And reaching out to the data expert happens in-line next to the live query.  Under the covers a living graph of technical and business metadata is updated on the fly.

The best catalogs create relationships between people & things.

Data Governance

Actionable & Enforceable Compliance Policies

Alation creates an analytics environment where data governance acts as a traffic light rather than a dead end.

Alation works as a data recommender system, surfacing standardized data assets and data governance policies as suggestions to the analyst. This is done directly in the workflow of an analyst, prompting them to use best practices and warning them when their analysis may inadvertently lead to non-compliant or inaccurate insights.

Alation supports a new approach to data governance – Governance for Insight.

Alation helps Data Curators

Document Data Context

Leverage a combination of machine learning & crowdsourcing to speed up documentation by up to 50%

Propagate Knowledge

Ensure that the right data asset is available to the right person at the right point in time

Incent Behavioral Change

Enforce data policies through timely & salient interventions that are in-line with analyst workflow

How does Alation work for Data Curators?

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