Agile Data Governance:
a Bottom-up Approach

Digital disruption (and transformation) is happening at a daunting scale and speed – and no business or industry is immune. With data at the heart of digital transformation, scalable and sustainable governance is more important than ever.

In today’s big-data-fast reality, many organizations have hundreds of thousands of data sources, potentially millions of different data sets, and a growing number of self-service users consuming that information broadly. Traditional top-down, workflow-driven data governance just can’t keep up. What’s needed is a modern approach to governance that’s agile, scalable, and takes advantage of machine learning to meet the needs of data-driven businesses. 

Watch First San Francisco Partners’ Chief Innovation Officer Malcolm Chisholm and Alation Co-founder Aaron Kalb discuss best practice tips and practical approaches for: 

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Agile Data Governance: a Bottom-up Approach


Malcolm Chisholm
Chief Innovation Officer
First San Francisco Partners

Aaron Kalb



Original Broadcast Date: November 27, 2018 

Watch the Webinar Replay

Scalable and sustainable data governance is at the heart of digital transformation 

  • Consistency
  • Transparency
  • Collaboration

Watch the webinar replay to learn all about agile data governance methodologies. 

  • Creating a framework for bottom-up-driven governance that balances user empowerment and collaboration with data regulatory/privacy compliance
  • Managing data acquisition and data stewardship with agile methodologies
  • Integrating the data catalog into holistic governance practices to link data producers and consumers

Watch the webinar replay to learn all about agile data governance methodologies.

  • Building a data architecture foundation to support agility and scale

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