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Prakash Jaganathan, Sr. Director, Enterprise Data Platforms, Discover Financial Services

Today, our data discovery process takes as little as 15 minutes instead of up to 2 days. Data documentation used to be a laborious process. There was no excitement in documenting data, and we were not able to collect consistent quality metadata before Alation.

Prakash Jaganathan

Sr. Director, Enterprise Data Platforms, Discover Financial Services

What's included in the trial

Navigating the Alation Data Catalog

The Alation Data Catalog is the foundation of the data intelligence platform and now is your chance to see it in action. Experience a guided tour and learn how you can centralize your data's context, rules, policies, definitions, and relationships in a single source of reference.

A visual map of Alation Analytics Cloud

Alation Analytics

How about some self-service to learn about self-service analytics? Learn how Alation:

  • Removes bottlenecks to access data

  • Helps people collaborate around data

  • Saves time by reusing existing work

Alation Data Governance

Experience a people-first approach to data governance, where people are guided to properly use data. Learn how Alation: 

  • Helps business leaders manage compliance

  • Reduces IT costs through policy management

  • Protects critical, sensitive data

Alation's Compose an Intelligent SQL editor

Compose, our intelligent SQL editor

See how Compose, our intelligent SQL editor, integrates with the data catalog to help everyone — including business users — get value from SQL.

Why data teams prefer Alation


Alation’s core data catalog prioritizes search and discovery.


Gain important metadata and context on your data.


Ensure compliance with Alation’s data governance and enterprise-grade security.

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