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Data Maturity Matters

Enable better business outcomes by advancing the data maturity of your organization. Drive purposeful, transparent growth with analytics.

Alation Analytics Cloud as a data search & discovery, data governance, leadership, and data literacy
Screenshot of Alation Analytics Cloud's scorecard

A scorecard for your data program

Track and guide your data maturity progress. See metrics like total assets curated, total active users, top queries, and more. Use these key performance indicators to drive data use and support better decision-making.

A visual map of Alation Analytics Cloud

Visual map of data consumption

Gauge the value of data products by tracking actual use. Maximize business value while enabling your teams to optimize queries, reducing costs. Guide investment decisions with clarity and confidence.

A graph of Alation Analytics Cloud saving search time cumulative by month

Framework to convey business value

Articulate ROI describing time and money saved through faster data search, comprehension, and query writing. Reveal the power of data literacy, discovery, leadership, and governance for business outcomes.

The Business Value of Data Maturity


Search hours saved1


Comprehension hours saved1


Query writing hours saved1



  • 1.

    Source: Alation Business Value Engagement 2022, European convenience store and supermarket brand analysis

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[Our data catalog] allows the analyst to quickly find the data and now spend 80% of their time doing analysis on that data.

Patrick Dever

Former Chief Data Strategist, Avista