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Lineage and Impact for Effective Data Modernization Planning

Alation for Manufacturing

Data is a critical asset for every part of the manufacturing process. To create innovative products, transform and optimize operations, and navigate business model changes and supply chain disruptions, you need access to data from across the organization, plus the governance to ensure proper use.

Data transformation impact


Consider analytics important1


Have data-driven success2

  • 1.

    As reported in the World Economic Forum White Paper ‘Data Excellence: Transforming manufacturing and supply systems’

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Speed product development

Connecting data from research to support is needed to speed product development, adjust to dynamic markets, and improve inventory management. Deliver holistic, timely access to trusted data — to every team — to get innovative products to market.

Optimize operations

To improve efficiency and gain competitive advantage, manufacturers are digitally transforming factories. Curate and standardize data across the supply chain to improve collaboration with partners and empower data consumers to optimize sourcing, production, and delivery.

Alation Data Quality policies

Improve product quality

Data teams working to improve products and quality need access to IoT sensors and support data for visibility into the product lifecycle. Alation enables manufacturers to democratize trusted data for diagnostic and predictive analyses to reduce maintenance costs and improve product quality.

Deliver industry 4.0

Manufacturers need to link data across the supply chain and take advantage of digital twins, IoT, and connected robotics. Alation centralizes data intelligence, the knowledge about the data, to give every data team access to the complete picture and power the next generation of manufacturing.

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We see up to 99% time savings in finding the right data to write and execute queries — from 80 hours to 2 hours.

Jonathan Mason

IT Manager, BI & Data Governance, Daimler Trucks NA

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Alation has evolved from our data catalog to the backbone of our data governance program.

Ross Schalmo

Sr. Director, Data & Analytics, GE Aviation