Artificial Intelligence

Bring Trust to AI Initiatives

Start with a foundation of governed, accurate data and move quickly with AI model creation. Deliver active AI governance through AI model documentation and ensure traceability.

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Trusted data for trusted AI

Enable AI initiatives with self-service and trusted AI-ready data:

  • Accelerate AI model development with a single source of truth for users to find accurate, governed, and contextual datasets via Intelligent Search

  • Ensure Quality Data by empowering users to trust datasets fed into models with data quality monitoring

  • Provide AI Traceability to stakeholders and auditors by cataloging AI/ML assets, including datasets, notebooks, and vector databases

Active AI governance

Future-proof and centralize your AI and data to remain safe and compliant:

  • Understand your AI Models by documenting model information. Identify non-sensitive data for accurate training

  • Adapt to the changing AI data stack with an open, agnostic platform compatible with open APIs, automation bots, and 100+ connectors

  • Actively govern your AI products through a collaborative hub. Ensure compliance with data quality flags, role-based access, and more

Drive AI literacy, collaboration, and transparency

Harness contextual and collaborative data intelligence to drive effective models:

  • Build Superior AI Models by using ALLIE AI-assisted and human-curated metadata from the catalog

  • Empower a Data Culture to collectively enhance the value of data and AI models

  • Streamline Data and AI Literacy by fostering an organizational culture of data literacy with Alation’s Data Culture Maturity Model

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The key to using AI and ML to make decisions is having context for the data. Alation can ensure that the datasets are labeled with accurate metadata, which tells the machine how to understand the context around the data it’s looking at. Only then can it answer our questions in a way that’s meaningful.

Prakash Jaganathan

Sr. Director, Enterprise Data Platforms, Discover Financial Services