Alation’s Artificial Intelligence Co-Pilot

ALLIE AI builds upon Alation’s machine learning (ML) core to enable organizations to save time and scale data initiatives more efficiently, democratize trusted data, and advance new AI initiatives.

Accelerate data curation capabilities

With ALLIE AI's intelligent curation, organizations can accelerate the population of their data catalog and effectively curate data assets. Leverage the power of AI through Suggested Stewards, Descriptions, Titles, and more to ensure consistency across your data landscape. Save time, resources, and costs with augmented curation and GenAI productivity assistance, enabling teams to focus on strategic initiatives.

Extend Alation's ML core

Automate the heavy lifting in data intelligence platform curation, by leveraging our Behavior Analysis Engine and AI. ALLIE AI eliminates the challenge of starting from scratch by providing suggestions, making it easier to curate, refine, and streamline the process. Alation uses a custom ML model to automatically identify and recommend Data Stewards based on their current usage patterns. With Suggested Descriptions and Titling, users can approve, recreate, and edit auto-generated descriptions and titles at scale, all powered by GenAI.

Contextual data discovery, for all

Democratize access to enterprise data and foster a robust data culture with Intelligent Search. Alation's AI-driven semantic search redefines traditional methods, enabling users to leverage natural language and context for data discovery. Intelligent Search integrates behavioral, semantic, and keyword ranking capabilities, offering a more intuitive discovery experience.