Workflow Automation

Achieve Stewardship Nirvana

Our Workflow Automation solution is a beacon of innovation in data intelligence, ensuring precision, efficiency, and compliance. Tailored for data stewards, our platform boosts data governance to new levels of productivity and excellence.

Improve metadata quality, consistency, and compliance

Ensure data is classified, profiled, and curated with precision, enhancing data reliability and meeting regulatory requirements.

  • Automate metadata quality checks with completeness, compliance, current content, and metadata management bots

  • Centralize metadata management with data lineage and context

  • Integrate data policies and access controls to maintain compliance

Streamline active data governance processes

Automate repetitive data governance tasks such as security classification, metadata quality checks, and compliance enforcement with specialized bots to reduce manual labor and improve efficiency.

  • Create change processes within Data Governance Workflows. Target the exact items to be reviewed by the right set of responsible people

  • Utilize customizable automated workflows to enhance data management efficiency

Increase operational efficiency

Use Alation Catalog Sets to empower data stewards to focus on strategic initiatives rather than repetitive tasks.

  • Rule-based auto-curation workflows that save time by removing manual, repetitive tasks

  • Automatically curate fields and populate descriptions based on unique organizational processes and requirements

Alation Automation Bots are designed with customers in mind because it was customers who helped design them. Bots as Adoption Drivers will be key to my strategy and the sustainability of my platform in the coming years. I consider them a core functionality of the platform as it moves towards automation.

Spencer Percy

Senior Data Management Analyst, Kinross Gold Corporation

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