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Cash in on Data Intelligence

Data runs every part of the retail world. Get the data intelligence you need to stay ahead and deliver great customer experiences.

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Alation for retail

Data connects the dots from point of sale to inventory to the supply chain. Alation provides the visibility to your data and the governance you need to create inspiring customer experiences, build customer trust, develop innovative products and services, and navigate supply chain complexity.

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Deliver multi-channel personalization

Silos of customer data and lack of visibility to historical data can hinder your team's understanding of the customer. Alation lets you connect the dots across every stage of the customer journey and deliver consistent customer service and personalized experiences with every interaction.

Stay ahead of the pack

To create innovative products, chart new customer engagement models, and create innovative customer experiences, retailers need access to real-time, trusted data from internal and external sources. Alation delivers one place to find, understand, and trust data, fueling data-driven decision-making.

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Improve supply-chain efficiency

Stay on top of the dramatic shifts in consumer behavior and supplier disruptions with visibility into all your data. Alation gives you the data intelligence you need to enable cross-team collaboration and improve processes and react in real time.

Build customer loyalty

Customers build deep connections with brands that earn their trust. Ensure your team understands where sensitive data is being stored, builds data governance to meet regulations, and delivers data intelligence to every team to create an ethical data culture that builds customer trust.

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Data consumers from marketing, ecommerce, and merchandising self-serve using Alation.

Himali Kumar

Director of Data Management, Autozone

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Our analyst teams are now able to coordinate and collaborate across the globe.

Kristie Allen

Director of Analytics, Albertsons

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