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Alation for Retail

Create innovative customer experiences


Digital trends are defining the customer experience in retail. Spurred on by improved convenience and the need to protect against health risks, consumers are increasingly embracing new digital experiences like online grocery delivery, virtual payments, and even telemedicine. Retailers pursuing digital transformation have struggled to keep up with escalating demands for digital experiences. They need modern platforms and sophisticated data analysis tools to connect with consumers and offer them digital services and value.

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How Alation Helps Retailers

Alation Solution By Industry: Retail - Enhance Personalization


Alation Solution By Industry: Retail - Deliver Multi-Channel Analytics


Alation Solution By Industry: Manufacturing Optimize Operational Processes


Alation Solution By Industry: Retail - Connect Supply Chain


Alation Solution By Industry: Retail - Establish Customer Trust


How Retailers Use Alation

Alation Solution By Industry: Retail - Enhance Personalization

Enhance personalization

Customers build deeper connections with the brands that have earned their trust. To create these connections, retailers need to better understand their customers with ready access to customer-related data from a myriad of data sources. Alation delivers holistic insights across the customer journey, enabling retailers to personalize products and offers.

Deliver multi-channel analytics

Retailers must provide personalized, up-to-date, consistent information to consumers whether by phone, text, social media, chat bot, email, or in-person. These multi-channel interactions can be difficult to parse due to fragmented data silos and conflicting customer information. Alation enables an omnichannel view of customers, providing each channel recipient with the consistent, unified view of the customers resulting in seamless experience.

Alation Solution By Industry: Retail - Deliver Multi-Channel Analytics
Alation Solution By Industry: Retail - Identify New Operating Models

Identify new operating models

As consumers move away from old shopping habits, retailers need to investigate new operating models to drive customer interactions. Retailers need access to real-time, trusted data from internal and external sources to identify new partnerships and new retail categories based on consumer behavior. Alation delivers one place to find, understand, and trust data, fueling data-driven decision-making and increasing the impact of analytics on business.

Connect supply chain

There are numerous advantages to transforming the retail supply chain, like accelerated speed to market and reduction of markdowns. However, insufficient data, lack of a holistic view of that data, and organizational silos continue to hinder this transformation. Alation solves these challenges, breaking down silos, delivering a holistic view of information from all applicable systems, and enabling cross-team collaboration.

Alation Solution By Industry: Retail - Connect Supply Chain
Alation Solution By Industry: Retail - Establish Customer Trust

Establish consumer trust

Without consumer trust, retailers have difficulty implementing the business strategies needed to recover from the current health and economic crisis. Retailers need to satisfy data privacy expectations. They need to build trust to gain loyalty and create value in the long-term. Alation enables retailers to safeguard their consumers personal data by providing a comprehensive set of governance and data protection capabilities and promoting an ethical data culture.


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