Alation Data Lineage

Seeing Data in a New Light

Enable everyone in the organization to have trust in their data. View lineage in a meaningful way to understand data flows, relationships, health, and purpose fit.

Simplified data lineage with filters

Mature data processes

Visualize data relationships in the desired context from a business level to detail transformations to improve data governance, lessen compliance audit time, and detect business process issues. Get data insights quicker through automated technical data flow mapping with business context overlays, filters, and groups.

Alation Data Lineage showcasing the capture of data flow

Increase transparency

Provide data maps from which all users can benefit by embedding data health, policy information, critical data element indicators, and other business metadata to guide users to compliant, trusted data.

Eliminate waste

Save costs by removing duplicate reports and processes. Utilize impact analysis to prevent costly outages and help speed up cloud migrations. Help data engineers decrease root cause analysis time in data pipelines using lineage with Trust Flags.

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