Alation Data Lineage

See the Full Story of Data

Answer complex questions by investigating the lifecycle of data with an easy-to-understand view of lineage enriched with metadata.

Alation Data Lineage showing how to simplify lineage

Simplify lineage

Visualize data relationships easily with automated column-level lineage. Get a birds-eye view of lineage, or zoom in to explore details. Use lineage to drive business outcomes, from compliance audits and issue remediation to large scale DataOps projects like cloud migration.

Customize lineage

Empower data stewards to fill in the gaps of automated lineage by seamlessly editing the lineage graph. Customize lineage by adding cataloged data assets or external assets, and reflect the full and accurate picture of your specific use case.

Alation Data Lineage showcasing the capture of data flow

Capture data flow

Provide context of how and why data changed from one step to the next by showing and documenting data flow changes such as ETL/ELT transformations.

Alation Data Lineage showcasing how the performance impact analysis

Perform impact analysis

See and resolve pipeline issues in real-time. See the impact of deprecated data directly in the lineage graph. Use filters to visualize downstream and upstream impacts on data products.

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