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Broad & Deep Connectivity

Alation's breadth and depth of connectivity to data sources powers valuable insights and intelligence across the enterprise.

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Enjoy a single-pane-of-glass view across your entire data ecosystem. Alation has 100+ connectors for a wide variety of data sources. Develop connectors yourself or with our development partners on less common sources using the Open Connector Framework SDK.

Understand your data and how it's used

Data lineage

Understand how data came to be and how upstream changes impact downstream users. Comprehend essential object relationships and use data with confidence. Alation connectors process SQL queries & scripts to extract this vital lineage information for those who need it.

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Metadata Extraction

Metadata forms the foundation of the data catalog. It offers context, making it easier for you to understand and collaborate with data at scale. Metadata extraction tracks changes, ensuring users always have a current and complete view of data across all sources.

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Query Log Processing

Query logs are a rich source of information about who is using data and how. Alation analyzes these logs to spot usage patterns unique to your organization. Share these valuable insights with all data users across the business. Support smarter collective data usage.

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Assess data quality quickly with data profiling. Alation connectors gather helpful column-level profiling statistics – including minimum, maximum, frequency distribution, and null values. Surface these details to users within workflows, so they can determine if data is fit for use.

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Sometimes, a glimpse of the data is all you need. With sampling, a subset of the data is extracted and presented to users – offering a quick view into a table's contents, quality, and usefulness.

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There’s no way we can manage our members or their complex conditions — or help them get the best outcomes — if we can’t see and connect the data from all those different parts of the healthcare ecosystem.

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