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The Data Intelligence Platform with the Broadest and Deepest Connectivity

Connect to Virtually Any Data Source

Streamline Data Analytics with Broad, Deep Connectivity

Alation’s broad range of native data source connectors accelerate time to insight and power data intelligence across the enterprise. Extend connectivity to additional data sources with the Open Connector Framework SDK.

Query Log Processing

Query logs contain a rich source of intelligence about who is using data and how it’s being used. By analyzing these logs, Alation gleans vital insights into usage patterns unique to your organization and makes these insights available to your data consumers.

Alation Processing Connector Depth

Metadata Extraction

Metadata is the foundation of the data catalog. With metadata extraction (MDE), Alation makes sure users always have a current and complete view of metadata from across connected data sources.

Alation Extraction Connector Depth

Data Lineage

Data lineage is crucial to understanding how data came to be, as well as understanding the downstream impact of changes. Alation connectors process SQL queries & scripts to extract the information needed to build these essential object relationships.

Run Queries

Alation connectors make it possible to run SQL queries against a wide range of data source types, including RDBMS and even some NoSQL and application sources. Best of all, these queries can be run right from Alation’s built-in intelligent SQL editor.


Data profiling helps assess data quality. Alation connectors gather deep column-level profiling statistics including min, max, frequency distribution, and null values – helping users determine whether the data is fit for use.


Sometimes, a glimpse of the data is all you need. With sampling, a subset of the data is extracted and presented to users – offering a quick view into a table contents, quality, and usefulness.


Authentication is a foundational security pillar that verifies users are who they say they are. Alation connectors let you match the source- and organization-specific authentication methods you’ve already established, including SSO.

Connect with Alation

Alation has pre-built connectors for a wide variety of data sources. Alation’s Open Connector SDK enables users to develop a connector for less commonly used data sources.

  • BI
  • Cloud
  • Relational
  • Application
  • Data Platform
  • Storage
  • NoSQL
  • Data Warehouse
  • Data Lake
  • Data Science
  • Filesystem
  • Data Virtualization


Bi-directional integration for Tableau assets


Securely integrate with Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse


Bring the metadata live from Spark engine

Google Big Query

Analyze the metadata from Google Cloud Warehouse


Built-in integration to Microstrategy assets


BI connectivity to transform datasets, tables, and reports


Analyze the metadata through Hive connector

AWS Redshift

Securely integrate with Amazon Redshift Cloud Data Warehouse

Azure Synapse

Securely integrate with Azure Synapse Analytics

Oracle on EC2

High-performance connectivity to Oracle on EC2

SQL Server on EC2

High-performance connectivity to SQL Server on EC2

PostgreSQL (Opensource on AWS EC2)

High-performance connectivity to PostrgreSQL for Opensource on EC2

MySQL on EC2

High-performance connectivity to MySQL on EC2

EMR Presto with Glue

Analyze the objects data through Presto connector

EMR Presto over Hive

Analyze the objects data through Presto connector

Starburst Enterprise Presto (Trinio)


AWS Redshift Spectrum

Extract External Metadata over Redshift

AWS Glue

Unlock the insights through native integration

Amazon Athena

Analyze your data on S3 with Glue catalog through powerful connectivity


High-performance connectivity to DB2 on z/OS


Easily extract, reports and dashboards


Cataloging BI assets with our native connector


High-performance connectivity to Teradata

PostgreSQL (Opensource on AWS RDS)

High-performance connectivity to PostrgreSQL for Opensource on AWS RDS

PostgreSQL (Enterprise)

High-performance connectivity to PostgresSQL for Enterprise

Oracle on AWS RDS

High-performance connectivity to Oracle on AWS RDS


High-performance connectivity to MySQL on AWS RDS

SQL Server on AWS RDS

High-performance connectivity to SQL Server on AWS RDS


High-performance connectivity to Greenplum


Easily access live NoSQL data

Mongo DB Atlas on AWS

Azure Cosmos (CData)

Easily access live NoSQL data

Dynamo DB

Seamlessly connect to NoSQL database on AWS

Cloudera Impala

Extract the insights from Cloudera cluster data

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP)

Amazon S3

Easily access live Amazon S3 data

Azure Data Lake Storage – Gen 1

Easily access live Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen 1 data

Azure Data Lake Storage – Gen 2

Easily access live Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen 2

Azure Blob Storage

Easily access live Azure Gen 2 data


High-performance connectivity to SAP HANA


Unlock the data with our ServiceNow connector

SAP Sybase

High-performance connectivity to Sybase ASE

Sybase IQ

High-performance connectivity to Sybase IQ


Easily access live NoSQL data

Cloudera (CDH)

Easily access live Cloudera Data


Easily access live HDP data

Teradata Aster

Uncover data insights through Aster connector



Unlock the data through

SAP Business Objects


Oracle eBusiness Suite

SAS (data files)

Discover the power of data through SAS integration


High-performance connectivity to Vertica

We have more than 90 data sources in Alation owned by over 30 different teams at Genius Sports. Alation makes it easier for users to uncover information about our data.

Steve Perry
Director of Data and Analytics, Genius Sports