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Data Privacy Compliance Software & Risk Management

Effectively manage risks and comply with regulations


Alation’s solution for managing personal data is fueled by a sustainable approach to privacy and risk. The Alation data catalog platform automatically discovers and classifies sensitive data assets at scale. Alation surfaces recommendations, flags, and policy information directly in the data consumers’ day-to-day activities and workflows, transforming data privacy compliance and ethics into a core part of the data culture.

Facilitate Data Privacy Compliance and Reduce Risks While Enabling Business Transformation


Automatically discover personal data dispersed across the enterprise, including associated lineage, policies, and usage. Define or improve policies to protect sensitive data.


Communicate policies at the point of data consumption, in users’ day-to-day workflows, to establish a privacy-aware culture and promote data ethics.


Provide a single view of all sensitive enterprise data to facilitate analysis and risk modeling in predicting and managing risks.


Facilitate compliance with multiple regulations within a single platform by classifying, and tagging sensitive data assets at scale.

Address multiple regulations from one platform

To meet the challenges of rapidly increasing and evolving data privacy regulations, Alation provides a scalable, enterprise-grade platform that addresses multiple regulations, like CCPA, GDPR, by cataloging enterprise data, operationalizing privacy policies, and performing impact analysis in a centralized location.

Scale data privacy compliance quickly

Alation discovers, classifies, and tags sensitive data assets at scale. Alation’s enterprise data catalog actively tracks changes to the data environment, provides insights based on usage patterns, and surfaces alerts informing users of new policies and stipulations within their workflows.

Provide enterprise-wide view of sensitive data

Alation catalogs all enterprise data and related assets to deliver a unified view of potential risk. This enables enterprises to easily perform risk modeling and analysis to proactively identify, manage, and mitigate data risks.

Audit, investigate, report data risks

Alation provides real-time visibility into data lifecycle including data lineage, policies, usage patterns, and changes in the data environment. This enables enterprises to proactively audit data, manage, and mitigate data risks.

We want to use Alation for our privacy and security, like for classification and retention of data.

Archana Goyal
Data Governance Manager, Ancestry

The most effective catalogs not only show users what data is available but also expose governance-related nuances.

Doug Henschen
VP & Principal Analyst, Constellation Research