Active Data Governance

People-centric data governance

To drive value from governance, organizations must find the right people, share the right information, and identify the right initiatives.

A lock on top of a coded chip to showcase security

Empower the business

Welcome front-line users to trusted data with curated metadata to offer context and guide compliant use. Support collaboration and build trust between teams while safeguarding privacy. Organize people and processes in an adaptive, agile manner that improves with time.

Centralize policies

Policy sprawl sows confusion and mistrust. Conveniently centralize all your policies in Alation Policy Center. Create policies in one location with total visibility into how they are mapped to data. Help people work with data securely and compliantly at the point of use, with guidance when needed.

Face audits fearlessly

See why customers call Alation “my audit secret weapon.” Group policies by type, from enterprise-wide to data standards and rules. Provide vital transparency to auditors, as well as business users, empowering everyone to see how policies, standards, and rules interlink.

Alation Active Data Governance Solution showcasing how to automate stewardship

Automate stewardship

Assigning stewards to curate data can demand tremendous manual effort. With Alation, quickly find stewards based on actual usage – and accelerate their efforts with help from AI and ML. Lighten their load, sustain your governance program, and track curation progress in a user-friendly dashboard.

Alation Active Data Governance Solution showing how to speak the same language in Terms

Speak the same language

Align key definitions, rules, and KPIs in the business glossary. Machine learning translates technical metadata into friendly business terms, building trust and efficiency. Create consistent data usage frameworks to streamline and scale up teamwork across the business.