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Active Data Governance

A business-led, value-driven approach to data governance


Alation’s active, people-first approach to data governance differs from the traditional approach by prioritizing people over data. Active data governance focuses on business needs, delivering trusted data, and driving adoption by embedding governance in the users’ day-to-day activities — effectively facilitating compliance and managing risks.

Successful Data Governance is Integrated into Day-to-Day Business Workflows and Activities





 Mitigate risk, proactively


Discover and govern your strategic data

By inventorying, classifying, and curating data and knowledge, Alation provides unparalleled visibility into enterprise data assets. In contrast to a time-consuming top-down, siloed approach, Alation enables organizations to focus their governance efforts on the most critical data assets in order to have the greatest impact on the business.

Operationalize policies, workflows, and stewardship

Alation enables agile approval and communication of governance policies, workflows, and articles. And by providing analytics and dashboards to monitor and track curation progress, Alation enables governance teams to prioritize their efforts.

Actively engage front-line users

Rather than restricting line-of-business users from using data, Alation puts governance, collaboration, and communication capabilities directly into their day-to-day workflows to encourage accurate, compliant data-driven decision making.

Automate data governance processes

The Alation platform combines machine learning and crowdsourcing to automate and accelerate data stewardship, data classification, business glossary, and data quality documentation.

Establish trust with data governance

Establish trust in your data

Alation catalogs data quality metrics, descriptions, and dashboards as well as surfaces data quality information to consumers in real-time at the point of consumption and analysis. With data profiling information at their fingertips, data consumers can see important characteristics, statistics, and numerical graphs about the data to enable them to quickly take action with confidence.

Mitigate risk, proactively

Data lineage helps users understand the origins of data, who uses it, and how it’s used. And, with impact analysis reports, users are given a comprehensive look at the downstream effects of changes – helping to proactively mitigate risk.

Mitigate risk with data governance

Alation helps the business uphold our governance standards so anybody coming in can get their data quickly and efficiently, and make the right decisions.

Amy Keelty
Information Strategy & Governance Director, American Family Insurance

Alation is an excellent platform for data catalogs, interactive governance and knowledge management.

William McKnight