Alation Open Data Quality Framework

The Foundation for Data Quality

Centralize data quality and data observability information in one platform. Empower people to make more informed decisions, faster.

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Choose the right tool

Tailor the data catalog to address the unique data-quality needs of your business. The Open Data Quality Framework gives vendors, partners, and customers a starter kit. Get best practices on API, documentation, and integrations. Grant all your data consumers real-time visibility into data health.

Our data quality partners

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See quality flags in workflow

Signal to users searching for data what to trust – and what to avoid. Pull data-health signals into the data intelligence platform from other quality tools. Guide users toward "green-lit", trusted data and away from deprecated data with stoplight symbols.

Link data quality to columns

Dive deeper into the specific column to which a specific data quality rule was applied. Use the lineage graph to understand the full scope of related downstream impacts. See which SQL queries and analyses need attention based on problematic columns.

Screenshot of Alation Open Data Quality Framework showcasing data quality policies

Link to data quality policies

Create transparency for data-quality policies at scale. Give people context on how rules work by documenting them in Alation Policy Center. Use the policies to trigger rules from integrated data quality tools. Create a seamless experience by centralizing policies within data and workflows.

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Alation's Open Data Quality Framework allows data users to leverage best-of-breed data quality and observability tools like Bigeye, to ensure trust across Alation's end-to-end governance. Now, users can search for and discover trusted data and utilize it confidently.

Craig Salzsieder

Director of Data Platforms, Inspirato

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