Alation for Public Sector

Trusted Data Delivers Mission Success

Mission-critical insights can’t wait. Get the data intelligence you need to deliver missions, protect data, and improve services.

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Alation for public sector

New mandates and changing populations are reshaping how agencies and local governments deliver programs, protect citizens, and improve their lives. Get accurate, efficient, and transparent access to data to deliver system modernization and data sharing needed for efficient program success.

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Modernize data landscapes

Data spread across legacy sources slows programs and impairs agencies' ability to respond to public crises. Agencies must modernize data systems, streamline access, and leverage the cloud. Alation enables agencies to understand their data assets, speed access to data, and guide cloud adoption.

Create efficient access to data

Democratizing data can be difficult at large government agencies. It can take weeks to just find data, much less make an impact on the project. Smart data access with governance and in-workflow guidance quickly directs everyone to the best data in accordance with policies and security clearances.

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Foster governance and transparency

How do you empower people to access data and understand it? Agencies must enable data visibility within a strong governance framework. With Alation, people find data, see its lineage, and collaborate across teams to gain context from experts including the governance and policies around its use.

Optimize information-sharing

Searching for data and getting clearance to share it can be a time-consuming process. Agencies need data discovery and access to documentation while maintaining security with governance. With Alation, data teams can now find, understand, and share data with governance and compliance.

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Alation helps us with our governance audits. It holds our policies, procedures, and data flow diagrams via lineage.

Amber O'Connell

Director of Data Governance, Tennessee State Government