Alation Data Governance

Simplify Governance for Success

Prior governance attempts fail due to fear, limited resources, and a shifting data landscape. Succeed with Alation Data Governance.

Success with governance starts today

Activate policies

Policies should be more than a document. Create all your policies in the Data Governance Policy Center to actively manage risk and compliance. Achieve complete visibility into how policies are mapped to data. Remove the fear of audits while guiding people to work with data securely.

Promote reliability with Workflows

Managing change is part of good governance – and is easy when there is no coding needed. Create change processes within Data Governance Workflows. Target the exact items to be reviewed by the right set of responsible people. Create transparency around reviews and approved changes, building trust.

Accelerate stewardship

Stewardship has traditionally involved tremendous manual effort. Automation is the key to acceleration. The Data Governance Stewardship Workbench combined with AI and ML helps stewards with actions such as data classification and policy assignment.

Align key business terms

Setting a level playing field of understanding is critical when building a data culture. Alation Business Glossary centralizes the creation of terms such as metrics and other essential definitions. These business-approved terms promote knowledge and confidence for making data-driven decisions.

Alation Data Governance showcasing how you can measure success

Measure for success

Measuring the impact of your governance efforts against goals is crucial. The governance dashboard provides leaders visibility into curation progress metrics to monitor if goals are being met.

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Active data governance features in Alation help ensure the proper use of data. People are guided to use data compliantly and educated, in-workflow, on the policies relevant to the data they handle.

Sebastian Kaus

Data Governance Lead, Vattenfall