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Alation Customers

Data Intelligence + Human Brilliance: A Winning Equation for Customers

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How Alation Enables Trusted Data Discovery at Salesforce

A person entering the credit card details into a laptop

Discover Accelerates Innovation with Faster Data Discovery and Active Metadata

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RaceTrac Fuels Real-Time Data Insights for Decision-Making with Alation and Databricks

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How Spark NZ Accelerated Cloud Migration, Reporting, and Machine Learning with Alation

Person entering credit card details into a laptop

European E-Commerce Marketplace Gains Faster Value from Data

Alation Advocate Program: The Brilliant Humans Powering Data Intelligence

There are thousands of Alation users, but Alation Advocates are a special group. They’re the Alation evangelists sharing their data-inspired success stories, informing and teaching others about Alation, and fostering meaningful relationships with distinguished data experts across industries.

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