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The Data Catalog that Launched the Industry

Learn how to examine a data catalog and drive data culture from our “How to Evaluate a Data Catalog” evaluation guide.

Find, Understand, and Govern Data

Alation’s enterprise data catalog dramatically improves the productivity of analysts, increases the accuracy of analytics, and drives confident data-driven decision making while empowering everyone in your organization to find, understand, and govern data.

The Alation Difference

Drive Productivity with Behavioral Intelligence

Indexes a wide variety of data sources, including relational databases, cloud data lakes, and file systems using machine learning

Spur Better Decision-Making Through Seamless Collaboration

Delivers enterprise-wide access to trusted data and fosters seamless collaboration on data assets with integrated communication and knowledge capture

Promote Confident Analytics with Guided Navigation

Surfaces recommendations, flags, and policies as data consumers query in Alation’s built-in, intelligent SQL editor or search using natural language

Govern Data with an Active, Business-Led Approach

Facilitates active governance by bridging the gap between top-down policy setting, enforcement, and data use with active governance

Streamline Analytics with Broad, Deep Connectivity

Connects to a wide range of popular data source and BI tools through APIs and an Open Connector SDK to streamline analytics

Drive Productivity with Behavioral Intelligence

Surface insights with machine learning

Behavioral Analysis Engine (BAE) leverages machine learning drive pattern recognition to surface insights on how data is being used, including popularity rankings, user breakdowns, and usage recommendations.

Increase behavioral understanding with Data Catalog

Increase understanding of data

Automation empowers teams to better understand data by discerning technical terms and converting them to simple to understand business terms and by interpreting organizational usage behavior to automatically provide a business glossary.

Find the right data, easily

Natural language search is available to everyone, effectively raising the functional data literacy of the entire organization. By relying on clues in the data, Alation search helps users not just any data but the best data. And, with faceted search and data domains, users get to the most relevant information, faster.

Spur Better Decision-Making Through Seamless Collaboration

Unravel siloed knowledge across the organization

Automated expert identification pinpoints ideal stewards and makes it easy to ask questions of the right person every time, and wiki articles enable knowledge to be captured from anywhere helping to unlock the tribal knowledge siloed across the organization.

Data Catalog Access Updates

Access real-time updates

Full searchable, integrated conversations keep everyone connected — even when their schedules do not align — and subscriptions let you know when the data sets, articles, and more that matter to you change.

Encourage broad community participation

With an intuitive experience and clear user benefit, the Alation enterprise data catalog removes the barriers to data collaboration, encouraging broad community participation and adoption irrespective of roles or departments.

Promote Confident Analytics with Guided Navigation

Guide users to the most relevant data

Intelligence is surfaced at the point of data use, making it easier for data consumers to understand how to use data and for data stewards to ensure that data is being used properly.

Data catalogs guide users

Avoid inaccurate analytics and compliance problems

Whether users are writing SQL queries or leveraging BI dashboards, Alation’s TrustCheck promotes best practices directly within a user’s natural workflow by delivering data health flags (data quality, privacy policy, age, etc.) to avoid data misuse and compliance problems.

Provide context on specific information

Previews provide context-sensitive information on data assets, which enables data consumers to view all of the relevant data at their disposal within predefined compliance policies.

Govern Data with an Active, Business-Led Approach

Empower data stewards to impact the business

Alation offers intelligent data stewardship capabilities, including a stewardship dashboard designed to make stewarding data and analytics fast and easy, usage-based assignment to help prioritize and assign curation duties, and analytics to give greater visibility into people, data, and documentation.

Make governance part of analytics

Provide governance teams with a quick, easy, and extensible workflow that includes agile approvals, a policy center for a single place to define enterprise data policies, and an Open Workflow SDK to define custom workflows.

Close the gap between policy creation and enforcement

Impact analysis helps determine which assets are impacted by upstream changes. Deprecation alerts email affected users about changes in asset status. TrustCheck SDK brings indicators of quality and certification status into tools like Tableau and Salesforce Einstein Analytics.

Streamline Analytics with Broad, Deep Connectivity

Connect to a wide variety of data sources

Pre-built connectors enable the data catalog tool to access data from a wide range of data sources with minimum configuration from cloud data lakes to business intelligence tools.

Extend connectivity to fit any organization

Alation’s Open Connector SDK allows the data catalog software to connect to any source that doesn’t currently have a pre-built connector by permitting users to develop a connector for their less commonly used and niche data sources.

Extend connectivity with Data Catalog
Data catalog surface intelligence

Surface intelligence with deep connectivity

Alation Query Log Ingestion is a self-service utility that ingests and parses queries from any source in any format and provides visibility into key usage patterns, like top users, popularity, and lineage.

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The value of opportunity cost that subject matter experts save as a result of Alation is huge.

Andy Carrington
VP Data Stewardship, Nielsen