Alation Data Catalog

The Platform for Data Intelligence

Alation Data Catalog is the foundation of the data intelligence platform. Context is centralized in the catalog, fueling robust data understanding and confident usage.

Screenshot of the Alation Data Catalog
Visualization of the Alation Data Intelligence Platform

Find, understand, and govern data

Build a shared data language. Centralize your data's context, rules, policies, definitions, and relationships in a single source of reference. Make it easy to find, understand, and govern data. Build trust in data while improving accuracy of analytics and analyst productivity.

Data Source section of the Alation Data Catalog

The Social Network for Data


Connect data sources to the catalog to reveal a rich trove of insights. Alation connects to a broad range of source types, including relational databases, file systems, and BI tools. The platform extracts useful metadata from each source, from data popularity and usage patterns to samples, profiling, and lineage. Empower smarter, more confident data usage through broad, deep connectivity.

Alation Data Catalog at the center of BI Tools, Prep / ETL, APIs, Applications, Glossaries, Cloud, Files, Databases.

Committed to Platform Openness

Interoperability ensures information can be pulled into Alation and pushed out to other systems. Use Open Connector Framework to build connectors and Open Data Quality Framework to integrate data quality tools. Alation Anywhere extends intelligence to third party tools, including Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Alation Data Catalog intelligent SQL editor

Intelligent SQL Editor

Compose learns from human behavior, propagating data from the catalog. So users get auto-complete suggestions and trust flag warnings of deprecated data as they query. Publish queries for colleagues to reuse and adapt. Collaborate with other teams to efficiently write the best queries.

Alation Data Catalog showcasing the Analytics Dashboard

Alation Analytics

Gain insights into how people are using Alation with pre-built analytics dashboards and reporting. Encourage contribution to the catalog with a gamified leaderboard. Create custom reporting to design metrics that matter. Leverage insights to monitor and optimize catalog success.

Alation Cloud Service with multiple connections to other data sources

Alation Cloud, at Your Service

We do the work. You reap the benefits. Alation Cloud Service offers data intelligence as a service. Benefits include:

  • Faster time to value

  • Zero administrative overhead

  • Flexibility to scale with growth, quickly

Digi-Key Electronics logo

Alation helps us get our products to market faster by enabling visibility into the data needed for compliance

Patrick Brickson

Director of Data Systems, Digi-Key Electronics

Cisco logo

We have used Alation as a foundation of our data democratization premise as well as quality and policy linkage.

Abra Le

Sr. Manager, Data Governance, Cisco

People can now collaborate much more efficiently with each other across the different parts of the company across the globe.

Andreas Kohlmaier

Head of Data Engineering, Munich RE

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