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"Our analysts now write queries 2X faster."

Head of Governance, eBay

"I'm using Alation to document all my data."

Data Scientist, Square

"Our analyst teams are now able to coordinate & collaborate across the globe."

VP Analytics, Albertsons

Alation Data Catalog: A Single Source of Reference

Alation is the data catalog where everyone in your organization can find the data they need to collaborate. Alation automatically indexes your data by source. It also automatically gathers knowledge about your data. Like Google, Alation uses machine learning to continually improve human understanding. Use Alation to work better together, use data with confidence, improve productivity, and index all your data knowledge.

Improve productivity
Increase query discovery speed 20-50%
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Work better together
Facilitate collaborative analysis seamlessly
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Use Data With Confidence
Curate business context for easy reference
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Index all data knowledge
Search across all available data quickly
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Learn why Alation is the "FUTURe" of working with data.

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