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The Data Intelligence Project

Preparing the next generation of data leaders for the data-centric workplaces of today and tomorrow.

Our Mission

Through the Data Intelligence Project, Alation teaches students the language of data in theory and in practice, so when they graduate and go on to work in data-centric companies, they’re prepared to translate knowledge into action.

What is the Data Intelligence Project?

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The Data Intelligence Project exposes students to the benefits of a collaborative data catalog environment that can help with real-world data challenges while reducing the overhead to learn about data. Graduates with experience navigating complex data landscapes will be well-positioned to launch successful, competitive careers. Learn More.

Program Benefits

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We offer our software free of charge, to faculty and students at academic institutions, as a learning tool. With Alation, students learn the critical skills they need to curate, govern, and discover data assets in the data-driven enterprises of today.

Academic Partners

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee School of Information Studies
University of Cincinnati School of information Technology
University of Stirling Computer Science and Software Engineering
University of Arkansas Little Rock Department of Information Science

Empowering The Workforce of Tomorrow

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By adding more universities to the Data Intelligence Program, we’re providing students around the world with real-world experience using data and technology. We’re proud to partner with these vision-aligned educators to inspire and empower the next generation of data users and decision-makers.

Aaron Kalb
Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Alation

Alation is foundational to the class I teach, Data Technology Administration. It brings a sense of reality, fun, and excitement to learning, which can be challenging as a professor.

Russell McMahon
University of Cincinnati

Data intelligence is one of the fastest-growing occupational fields, a highly sought-after role nearly every industry is hiring for. Partnering with Alation allows us to tailor our curriculum to real-world demand and provide our students with the tools and experience they need to ignite their career paths, no matter the industry.

Dr. Maria Haigh
Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Professional Resources for Your Students

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An Enterprise Data Catalog

Students can access and use the same enterprise-quality data catalog they will find in Fortune 100 companies.

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Employer-recognized Training Programs and Badges

Students can earn Brilliance Badges, recognized by industry professionals, by taking courses with Alation University, the same professional training content used by customers.

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Interact with Subject Matter Experts

Guest speakers from our Subject Matter Expert list are available to share their expertise with students.

Is your school interested in participating in The Data Intelligence Project?

Alation summer internship program

Could your undergraduate or graduate students benefit from:

  • Applying classic concepts and methodology from information & library science to data, data cataloging, and data usage?
  • Using a data intelligence platform in the classroom to conduct data-based research?
  • Working with data, learning about SQL, database systems, and more, all within a collaborative data catalog and shared query environment?
  • Learning about data curation, data privacy, and data ethics in practice?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, contact us to find out more about the Data Intelligence Project.

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