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The Data Intelligence Project

Encouraging collaboration around data to solve
 shared problems & aiding in data-based research

The Data Intelligence Program Mission

Alation summer internship program

As part of The Data Intelligence Project, Alation is offering its software, free of charge, to faculty and students at academic institutions to contribute to a more data-literate, curious, and rational society. The Data Intelligence Project will nurture the next generation of data professionals by encouraging collaboration around data to solve shared problems and aiding in data-based research, such as analyzing different datasets regarding aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic or climate change.

Program Benefits

The Data Intelligence Project exposes students to the benefits of a collaborative data catalog environment that can help with real-world data challenges while reducing the overhead to learn about data. Graduates with experience navigating complex data landscapes will be well-positioned to launch successful, competitive careers.

Alation summer internship program

Is your school interested in participating in The Data Intelligence Project?

Alation summer internship program

Could your undergraduate or graduate students benefit from:

  • Applying classic concepts and methodology from information & library science to data, data cataloging, and data usage?
  • Using a data intelligence platform in the classroom to conduct data-based research?
  • Working with data, learning about SQL, database systems, and more, all within a collaborative data catalog and shared query environment?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, consider applying for The Data Intelligence Project.

Alation enables students to collaborate and use data across fields such as analytics and data science, among others. The company is investing in tomorrow’s data professionals and expanding its philanthropic initiative to additional universities. This year, Alation will select up to five academic institutions to provide its data intelligence platform, free of charge, for use in courses and curriculum. The selected universities will work directly with Alation employees to help guide and manage the use of Alation.

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