Cloud Data Migration

Accelerate Time to Cloud Value

Enterprises are moving to the cloud to be competitive and innovate at speed. This transformation can be rewarding but also challenging.

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Innovate at speed

Scale innovation and performance in the cloud. Alation enables data scientists to find trusted data to accelerate innovation with a path to build and train new models in the cloud faster. Empower more people to achieve breakthroughs, like new insights into rare diseases.

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Create a migration plan

Lead a successful cloud migration with a clear idea of the ideal data to move, based on how much it's used and data residency policies. Minimize consumer risks and disruptions while building a better data environment for future cloud users.

Anticipate impacts upfront

How will moving applications and data to the cloud affect the business? Prepare for a smooth migration with deep impact analysis that identifies downstream process dependencies. Coordinate with impacted stakeholders in advance. Reduce the migration timeframe and deliver value sooner.

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Protect cloud data

Transitioning from on-premises to the cloud changes how enterprise data is governed. No matter where the data resides, Alation provides robust governance capabilities that ensure cloud data is protected during and after the migration.

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Alation was critical in determining the priorities and sequence at which data assets and key user groups were migrated to the Snowflake Data Cloud.

Anthony Seraphim

VP of Data Governance, Texas Mutual

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