Data Modernization

Smarter, Faster Cloud Migrations

Enterprises deploy data modernization to be competitive and innovate at speed, delivering cloud migration, workload optimization, and rationalizing BI reports and dashboards.

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Lineage and Impact for Effective Data Modernization Planning

Trusted Foundations

Data modernization starts with a plan. Alation delivers a unified view of your trusted data assets across hundreds of disparate sources. Prepare for a successful migration with end-to-end data lineage and impact analysis that describes critical dependencies across both technical and business layers.

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Eliminate Data Silos

Accelerate cloud migrations to eliminate data silos and make data AI-ready. Use Alation consumption tracking and behavioral analysis to identify the most frequently used data and BI assets to prioritize faster, smarter data modernization for cloud deployment.

Anticipate Impacts

How will moving applications and data to the cloud affect the business? Prepare for a smooth migration with impact analysis and active metadata identifying downstream process dependencies. Coordinate and collaborate with impacted stakeholders in advance to deliver a resilient and reliable data modernization program.

Optimize and Scale

Data modernization isn't a one-time effort. Alation continually monitors and tracks data consumption across your cloud infrastructure to identify and optimize heavily used queries and resources for performance and cost savings. Use Snowflake Native App Peak Performance (from our partner Spreems) as part of your data modernization program to optimize Snowflake costs and improve Snowflake credit consumption, storage, and query efficiency.

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Alation was critical in determining the priorities and sequence at which data assets and key user groups were migrated to the Snowflake Data Cloud.

Anthony Seraphim

VP of Data Governance, Texas Mutual