Active Metadata Graph

Automated Data Insights

Alation ingests and processes database query logs. Uncover valuable behavioral insights on how data is used to inform smarter data usage.

Turn popularity into action

See and sort the most popular data, based on usage. Data analysts can find the best data to analyze by use case. Data stewards can prioritize the most high-value data to manage. IT can determine which data to migrate to the cloud first.

Identify top users

Empower your data community with the network they need. Alation identifies experts by asset, based on actual usage. So you know who to ask for help no matter the use case.

Screenshot of Alation's Active Metadata Graph streamlining SQL writing

Streamline SQL writing

Help analysts master SQL faster and accelerate onboarding. Peruse an indexed SQL history of filters, joins, and expressions. Reuse trusted, existing queries and empower stewards to promote correct data usage.

Screenshot of Alation's Active Metadata Graph automating lineage

Automate lineage

Gain visibility into upstream and downstream dependencies of particular data assets. The catalog automatically builds an interactive lineage graph from SQL join information, which captures relationships between assets.

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My first experience with Alation saved me a week’s worth of asking around. I was able to quickly identify other tables, verify the tables were actively used and join that table to my existing data set to expand my query.

Philippe Topdijan

Digital Transformation Officer, Daimler Trucks North America