Metadata Management

Activate High-value Metadata

Your metadata is valuable. Activate it across the data management ecosystem. Improve analytics, adapt to change, and power your data fabric.

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Active Metadata Management Solution being showcased as enriching your data fabric

Enrich your data fabric with active metadata

The data fabric connects users to essential tools and data, scaling as you grow. Alation infuses the data fabric with behavior-driven metadata, collecting and interweaving metadata from other data sources. The outcome: advanced data & analytics solutions leveraging the IQ of your enterprise.

Leverage behavioral metadata

Behavioral metadata includes important social signals, such as who uses data and how. Powered by the Behavioral Analysis Engine, Alation surfaces insight details like popularity, search relevancy, usage recommendations, and more — guiding users to the best use of data.

Active Metadata Management Solution being where and when you need it

Metadata where and when you need it

Give people a convenient way to find, understand, and trust data in the tools they use most. Bi-directional exchange of metadata surfaces rich, governed data where and when you need it. Get useful metadata information in Slack, Microsoft Excel, Tableau, and more.

Launch data pipelines with lineage

Alation provides a visual representation of end-to-end data lineage including data flow transformations, supporting both compliance and trusted data pipelines. Impact analysis highlights the potential upstream and downstream impact of your changes to data, as well as who is impacted.

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Data documentation used to be a laborious process... Today, the data discovery process takes as little as 15 minutes instead of up to 2 days.

Prakash Jaganathan

Sr. Director, Enterprise Data Platforms, Discover Financial Services

See the impact of active metadata management:


Reduced data delivery time1


Time spent on data analysis2