Alation for Healthcare

Deliver Healthy Data Outcomes

Get the data intelligence you need to improve patient outcomes, create better experiences, and adjust to business model changes.

Cloud Data Migration Solution showcasing how data is protected

Alation for healthcare

Advances in science and medicine are transforming healthcare. Better patient engagement and experience are spurring new business models. Healthcare firms need to safely leverage data about individuals, populations, institutions, and the environment while ensuring that data is used properly.

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Optimize patient care

A complete view of patients across every touchpoint in the institution and beyond is needed to improve every part of the patient experience. Data visibility and robust governance ensure privacy and compliance, enabling safe utilization of data to enhance the experiences of patients and staff.

Improve drug discovery process

Better access to clinical trial and research data can lead to new insights and help optimize drug efficacy and safety. Alation facilitates open collaboration among data users, easing data sharing, and promotes data democratization while reducing compliance-related risks.

Cloud Data Migration Solution showcasing how data is protected

Drive business model change

Value-based care, new delivery pathways, and market changes are reshaping the healthcare business environment. Organizations need to connect operations and finance data, and widen access to trusted data across the organization to navigate the changes with data-driven decision-making.

Protect private health data

Delivering quality patient care while balancing regulatory requirements like HIPAA and GDPR is a challenge. Alation delivers the discovery and classification of sensitive health data, and surfaces policies at the point of action, to ensure data is safely used to improve patient outcomes.

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Data consistency is huge for us. We want to have one view in Alation that means the data is dependable and reliable.

Drew Goodchild

Head of Data & Information Management, HBF Health Ltd.

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I don’t think we would be able to move through this cultural shift at the rate we are if it weren’t for Alation.

Michelle Hoiseth

Chief Data Officer, Parexel