Alation APIs

The Secret Sauce for Openness

Alation APIs enable companies to integrate applications and systems into the Alation Data Intelligence Platform, which provides a central repository where users can find, understand, and trust the data.

Unify data ecosystems

The Alation Data Intelligence Platform provides a unified, single place for people to access data across the organization. Our APIs enable a best-of-breed approach to creating a well-connected, seamless data ecosystem.

Reduce manual tasks

The Alation APIs can help transfer information easily. Whether you have glossaries or documents in other systems, they can be transferred in bulk using the REST APIs.

DIY with recipes

For those do-it-yourselfers, code examples exist in how-to guides for different use cases, such as adding tags to columns. Don’t worry if you are not up to the coding challenge; we have Workflow Automation solutions like Alation Automation Bots to assist you with your needs.

Innovate faster

Alation APIs can help organizations create new opportunities to increase data usage. The delivery of data products can be expedited by Data Engineers taking advantage of the active metadata from generating data pipeline code to automating the deployment of data products.

When we started looking for a data catalog, we wanted a single place for people to search for data. I don’t think we even considered the kind of system that we’re developing now — a robust, API-fed application that integrates information about table metadata, data governance, data quality, and lineage.

Marcin Cinciala

Senior Data Engineer, Allegro